December 1, 2022

The Azimuth Coordinator

  • Tarotplane


Gwydir – High Hearts
Carla dal Forno – Mind You’re On
Ethbo – Blackwater – Siem Reap
Millions Brazilians – Red Rose And Obsidian
Fabulous Diamonds – Desperate Living
IE – Moon Shot
Tropic Of Cancer – Stop Suffering
Eartheater – Inclined
Kallista Kult – When I Splice Into You
Luster – Angst
YL Hooi – Stranger (Love Joys)
HTRK – Dying of Jealousy
Mika Nakashinma – Find The Way (Jamaal’s Manatee Mix)

The Azimuth Coordinator

Music for psychonauts. From the cosmic climes of Baltimore Maryland, The Azimuth Coordinator will set the controls for the heart of the sun.

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