The Azimuth Coordinator

  • Tarotplane

February 22, 2022 Somewhere in Baltimore


Yuto Ohashi – Being Called
Zyggurat – Take Off
The Humble Bee – Nothing To Ask For
K-LONE – Yelli
XVARR – Holy Places
CZN – On An Asset Tip
Don’t DJ – Wiederganger
Brett Naucke – Born Last Summer
Patricia Wolf – I’ll Look for You in Others
Malvern Brume – Penton
Memotone – Blackcap Crossing
Anunaku – Stargate
Studio Kosmische – Kehle
Incipientium – Sol Tympanum
Hollie Kenniff – Sunset Chant
Uwalmassa – Belit
Smackos – Supernova Cherry Dessert
Kilchhofer – Trift

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The Azimuth Coordinator

Music for psychonauts. From the cosmic climes of Baltimore Maryland, The Azimuth Coordinator will set the controls for the heart of the sun.