The Azimuth Coordinator

  • Tarotplane

June 22, 2021 Somewhere in Baltimore


Trance – Sunrise
Dyzan – Back To Where We Come From
Galactic Explorers – Lunarscape
Annexus Quam – Osmose 1
A La Ping Pong – Nordlaut 3
F.G. Experimental Laboratory – Journey Into A Dream
Eroc – Nebelwelt
Lava – Piece Of Peace
Agitation Free – Haunted Island
Ibliss – Athir
Amon Duul – Eternal Flow
Mammut – Nähgern Mammut
Faust – So Far

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The Azimuth Coordinator

Music for psychonauts. From the cosmic climes of Baltimore Maryland, The Azimuth Coordinator will set the controls for the heart of the sun.