October 28, 2022

The Roots of Colombian Pop Culture

  • Lady Avocado
  • Loa Malebec
  • María Garcés


Lady Avocado is from Barranquilla but lives in Barcelona, a kid from her hometown’s “picotera” culture. The “picós” is a popular sound system that spread throughout all the neighborhoods of Cartagena de Indias and Barranquilla. In the „picós“ sessions you can hear African Soukous, Antillean music and different Colombian musical expressions such as Cumbia, Guaracha, and Salsa easily mixed.

Loa Malbec is a Colombian, writer, culture manager, and music collector. She is part of the group Los Vinileros del Trópico and the ally of Los Rulos Vinyl Club. Loa Malbec’s sets combine flavors and subtle sounds with others that are a little more elaborate, being a little acidic and, at the same time, very smooth. Her sets strongly lend toward tropical music, classic Salsa, Cumbia, and world sounds.

Along with María Garcés she founded the cultural agency Loa Productora which organizes, among many others, the series „Que Viva La Musica“ named after an influential book from Colombian writer Andrés Caicedo. Under the QVLM banner more than 60 meetings involving DJ’s with a focus on Afro-Caribbean rhythms around the world have been organized so far.

For their show on dublab the trio embarks on a musical journey through the two main ports of cultural exchange in Colombia, the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, sharing experiences from the sound of their historical and emotional memory. Live readings of selected passages from the book “Que viva la music” shine light on the travel routes of musical styles such as Afro, Afro-Caribbean, Salsa and even Rock, and examine the phenomenon of styles migrating to the main Colombian cities, their transformation and influence on newer generations.

America, un Rincón de Africa

The impact of the African Diaspora on the cultural identity of the Americas is crucial. To shine light on this topic we seized the opportunity and invited a variety of experts visiting Cologne - including the crew around Colombian record label "Discos Fuentes" - for a day of radio broadcasts focusing on the rich legacy of the African Diaspora throughout the American continent.

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