September 20, 2021

The VARY Show

  • FM Pause
  • Tim Rosenbaum
  • Shape


FM Pause

Tinkah x KOFI – Unreleased
Equiknoxx – Urban Snare Cypher
Lutto Lento – Angels feat. John Glacier
FM Pause – Unreleased
Slow Hand – Crawl Space
Al Wootton – Come Close
Lucky Charmz – Test Tubes
Glimmerman – Chainlink
Joden K – S.L.D.
Al Wootton – Sema
Joden K – Can’t Get Out Of This Jungle
Pens – Unreleased

Tim Rosenbaum X Knackless

Non-Linear Verse – Initials (Knackless)
Non-Linear Verse – Splinter Webs (Knackless)
Non-Linear Verse – Psychic XS (Knackless)
Actress – R.I.P. (Honest Jon’s Records)
Strategy – Rhythmcard (Not On Label)
Florian T M Zeisig – Aspire (Enmossed)
Alva Noto – Xerrox Teion (Raster-Noton)
Philipp Matalla – Core (Stereo Demo) (Training Tactics)
Toasty – Like Sun (Hotflush Recordings)
MWW – Fruit Around 18th And Vine (Water Works)


Pauline Anna Strom X Lee Scratch Perry INTRO
Maral – Lita’s Song + Protect U ft. Lee
Skinny Pablo X Lee “Scratch” Perry – Rain Over London
Drone – Evil Sky
Salva – Nuff Darkness
M/P – 7.7.21 unreleased
Schmeichel – deeepUrple
Lamont ft Kwam – Ships (Loefah’s heartstrung rmx)
Chunky – MEH
Trim – Seeker
Bhed – Nif
oziental – yardii [pt.2] (final exp)
Ago – Zero Shift
Madlib – Loose Goose
Fe-Me-Time – Dub 1 ML
Jah Shaka – Satta Dub
Willi Lindo – Midnight
Tranqill – Chips & Cheese
Kutmah – Pink Moon
Pink Siifu – cointail

The VARY Show

The VARY shop crew from Leipzig sharing a monthly peek into their universe. Or how they put it: "Von uns kuratiert, mal selbst bespielt, mal eingeladen, mal Thema, mal keins, mal sehen."

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