June 11, 2020

This Must Be The Place

  • Savsannah


Toada – Diversa
Shygirl + Arca – unconditional
quest?onmarc – Ephemera
Delores Galore – One Touch
Shopping – Initiative (Live at KEXP)
Evil – Sour Apple
Rae Khalil – Allstar (feat. Free Nationals)
Twin Jude – palm
Madison McFerrin – TRY
NÍDIA – Capacidades
DJ Nigga Fox – Talanzele
The Maghreban & Idris Rahman – Lions of Judah
ZEWMAGEDDON – be a millionaire? can’t let u.
br0nz3_g0dd3ss – not your aveRAGE girl: A Trans Anthem (Tierra Whack Blend)
Young Lychee – Could It Be
Baronhawk Poitier – Temperado Tornado
Anz – Cheer Up Love
Virginia – Funkert

This Must Be The Place

Grab Savsannah’s hand as she takes you on a journey through her music world - a welcoming space where the audience can escape to a place filled with everyday moods and an array of emotions.

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