Alisa Berger (c)Ravi Sejk


Rebecca Vasmant – Start of Time
Laure Boer – Agate et la pierre de Sable
Leisure Suit (Edit, 2013)
Tinkah – How To Care Too Much
Nick León – Fire Dub
Nick León – Tormenta
Juliano Gomez – Rituales (AmuAmu Remix)
Nick León – Aguacero
Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge – Haare
Box 5ive – Vessel
Ribas Abbas – Zulal Akh Ninar (Original Mix)
Italo Brutalo – Trust Doesn´t Rust
Jean Claude Naimro – Aveou Doudou (Sibu & Joe Nagall edit)
True Toads – Kanada
Gaye Su Akyol – Berdus (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Italo Brutalo – Not A Drop To Drink
Henry Pope – Ngene
Italo Brutalo – Taniacid
Kiko Navarro – Para Mamá (feat. Caridad De La Luz aka La Bruja) [KOKI Remix]
Silvestre – Zone Out
Kiko Navarro – Okere (feat. Nina & Benji Habichuela)
Purelink – Maintain The Bliss
Pascal Latour – Lague Yo (Sibu & Joe Nagall edit)
Nick León – Grillo
Genome 6.66Mbp – Barbie Girl Special Edit
Nick León – Pelican Dub (extended) ft. Lila Tirando a Violeta
Vazquez – Punky
Junes – Shifting Sands w/ Central Remix
Vazquez – Navy
Otik – Been Here
Justin – Clara
Ricardo Carioba & Mari Herzer – Lixo
Nick León – Rayo
DJ Y – Modern Wank
Rebecca Vasmant – Timing’s End

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"Tripping" with Alien Aliosha is a monthly program hosted by Alisa Berger, a film maker and artist roaming this world in search of musical and non-musical adventures within the life of eclectic humanoids, weird and wild creatures.