November 4, 2020


  • Arabian Panther
  • Anadol
  • Tayfun Aras


Arabian Panther
Mercan Dede – (Awakening) Dream Of Lover
Nuel – Correspondence
?? – ??
Mercan Dede – Garip
?? – ??
Dreems – With Shackles On
Ozgtir Sakar A.K.A. Misda Oz
?? – ??
Manos Tsangaris – Elephants Cry Salty Tears
Aya Metwalli – Matkhafsh Menni
Flore – Rituals

Anadol & Tayfun Aras
Catherine Christer Hennix -The Electric Harpsichord
Bernard Baschet, Michel Deneuve, Alain Dumont – Errance
Art Of Primitive Sound – Flutes
Peeter Vähi, Martin Kuuskmann & Drikung Kagyu Monks – Celestial Lake
Black to Comm – Asphodel Mansions
Daniel Kientzy, Costin Miereanu – Aksax
Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Not knowing Part 2
Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair – Devil Race
Jean-Claude Risset – Invisible Irene 1
Arturo Stalteri – Danza Della Lontra
Roger Doyle – Theme from Emptigon (A Film)
Jean-François Gaël et Pierre Buffenoir – Mosquée Mauve
Humair, Jeanneau, Texier – Le Gorille
Octavian Nemescu – Metabizantinirikon
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso – Passaggio
Andreolina – The Watchmaker
Dungen – Sprang Genom skogen med snabba små kliv
Kay Gardner – Prayer to Aphrodite
Herbie Mann – Deus Xango
Max Tundra – Sarah Measures- Genclik Bandido (Ah, There’s Deek Now – Let’s Ask Him)
Holger Hiller – Bukarest – Budapest
A R Luciani – A Man In The Night
Nikolai Foregger & His Orchestra Of Noises – Mechanical Dances (Ballet Excerpt, 1923)
Philippe Besombes – Cérémonie
Dreamworld – Beneath Silence and Storm (Part 1)
Ripaille – La Veuve de Nicole
Fille Qui Mousse – Amour-Gel


"Tripping" with Alien Aliosha is a monthly program hosted by Alisa Berger, a film maker and artist roaming this world in search of musical and non-musical adventures within the life of eclectic humanoids, weird and wild creatures.

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