Tripping w/ Syntrovert (February 2022)


With this mixtape I conclude an era of the project and a long personal life process.
My goal will be taking advantage of the two hours I have available. To navigate my creative process and go through all its areas to transmit in the most generous and direct way possible what I have learned and developed in the last years of my career.

After a long road of listening to a lot of music and publishing several albums and mixtapes, I want to share this sound compilation to transmit to the community all the material that I have incorporated into the identity of the project through emotions and its bond with the scenarios of my life. In turn, the way in which these sounds are linked to each other will be directly related to the way in which I experience my creative process. Leaving all my tools with which I make music totally open and available to the listener, as an act of humility, respect and gratitude.

Under this premise is that I build a sound landscape which should be heard almost like an audiobook, that can be read by the mixtape. No random sound. Peace, Chaos, Pain, Love and rage.
Everything is connected.

“When rocks get old they fall down. then the structures are poured into the skin. And when the souls meet together absorbed, a thorn sprouts.”

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"Tripping" with Alien Aliosha is a monthly program hosted by Alisa Berger, a film maker and artist roaming this world in search of musical and non-musical adventures within the life of eclectic humanoids, weird and wild creatures.