March 1, 2023


  • Yokin


Laurie Anderson – Walking and falling
Expedition Zero  – Storm In Moscow
Labradford – Soft Return
Malibu – Cheirosa ’94
Bowery Electric – Postscript
Boreal Massif – Fast Fashion
Boreal Massif – Dew Point Rising
XIII – L’Abete Al Contrario
Jon Hassell & Brian Eno – Delta Rain Dream
Skee Mask –  Absence
Purelink – Personal Velocity
Voice Actor Ego Death – Ringing
Bowery Electric – Low Density
Stigma – Acid Rain
Holos – François Buffet –
Holger Czukay – 23 – Träum Mal Wieder
Seefeel – Cut
Mazzy Star – Mary Of Silence
Faust – Jennifer
Bienoise – LAC Silence Half Speed
Nicholas Ray (film extract) – Johnny Guitar (Lie to me Scene)
Zero Crossing Point – In the Afterglow
Croatian Amor – La Hills Burn At The Peak Of Winter
James K. – My Sorrow Is Luminous
Pavel Milyakov – Strong-Willed
Voice Actor – HHBYTL
Bjork – All Is Full of Love
Sunju Hargun – น้ำ Na
MB Jones – Wabisabi Suite
7038634357 – No Hate Is A Cold Star
So Klarity – Secrets Revealed
Labradford – Disremembering
Mica Levi – Blue Shit
Colleen – Hidden in the Current
Global Communication – 12:18


"Tripping" with Alien Aliosha is a monthly program hosted by Alisa Berger, a film maker and artist roaming this world in search of musical and non-musical adventures within the life of eclectic humanoids, weird and wild creatures.

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