April 4, 2024

Outra Cena

  • Viola Klein


Capturing the spirit of Lisbon venue Outra Cena following an invitation from Filho Único alongside Príncípe artist Nídia und Van Der in February 2024, Viola shares two hours of body music incl tracks by Aida Samb, Fatou Guewel, Jeff Mills, Doudou N’Diaye Rose and many others. 11/10

Press play and enjoy a peak into one of those special foggy nights where everything suddenly makes sense again. A big thank you to all dancers, Nídia, Nelson at Filho Único and the Goethe Institut Portugal for the invitation.


  1. Aida Samb, Baby
  2. Aron and the Jeri Jeri Band, Sunugal (Ibaaku Remix)
  3. Fatou Guewel, Aduna
  4. Jeff Mills, The Algarve
  5. Julion De’Angelo, Can’t Go Askin (Initial)
  6. NDATL Retakes, Never Too Much
  7. Byron The Aquarius, Africa
  8. Roberta, Reaching Out Instrumental
  9. Julion De’Angelo, Don’t Be Scurred
  10. Byron The Aquarius, Techno s black
  11. Loose Joints, Tell You Instrumental
  12. Elements Of Life feat. Josh Milan (EOL Bata Beats)
  13. Tama Walo, Bak
  14. Aybee, Long Live The Jazz Republic (Dedicated to HUCK)
  15. K-Hand, So Special
  16. Josh Milan, Anger
  17. Hieroglyphic Being, Nubian Energy
  18. Hieroglyphic Being, The Moon Dance
  19. Leron Carson, Baby Said To Me
  20. Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham, Learning Lessens
  21. Steve Pointierter, Faces Drums 2
  22. Doudou N’Diaye Rose, Walo
  23. Bass Thioung, LouisProblemeBi
  24. Can, One More Night
  25. Ibaaku, Ancestral Intelligence

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