September 19, 2022

Zen Sounds – Experimental Rap Mixtape

  • Stephan Kunze


Elucid – Spelling
billy woods –  No Hard Feelings
Ka – Peace Peace Peace (feat. Joi)
Space Afrika – B£E (feat. Blackhaine)
Coby Sey –  Permeated Secrets
Babyfather – Meditation (feat. Arca)
Huerco S. –  Plonk IX (feat. SIR E.U)
Moor Mother – Rogue Waves
MIKE – Frogville (MK Ultra)
Akai Solo & Navy Blue – John Wick
Wiki – All I Need (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Hubert Daviz –  untitled (feat. Pink Siifu)
R.A.P. Ferreira – East Nashville
DJ Muggs – Absolem Reprise Part 1 (feat. Roc Marciano)
Roc Marciano & The Alchemist –  Quantum Leap
Planet Asia –  1984
Evidence – Sharks Smell Blood
Sideshow – SSSoul On Ice
Boldy James & The Alchemist –  Photographic Memories (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Roc Marciano)
Armand Hammer –  Overseas [epilogue]

Zen Sounds

Zen Sounds lends a home to the niche, the fringe and the obscure. The show features mostly ambient and experimental music, focusing on electronic and electroacoustic compositions, and is the playground of veteran music journalist Stephan Kunze.

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