April 17, 2023

Zen Sounds

  • Stephan Kunze


Blue Lake – Green-Yellow Field
Martyna Basta – It Could Be As It Was Forever (feat. claire rousay)
Civilistjävel! – Sebäng
Lia Kohl – when glass is there, and water,
Jim O’Rourke – And I’m Singing
Monolake – Mass Transit Railway
Doxa Sinistra – The Other Stranger
Skee Mask – Rio Dub
Vtgnike – The Healer
Rezzett – Vivz Portal
Lapti – Sirenas (feat. Nocow)
D. Towärds – mF (with Nissan Groove)
Piper Spray – Autumn In Chertanovo

Zen Sounds

Zen Sounds lends a home to the niche, the fringe and the obscure. The show features mostly ambient and experimental music, focusing on electronic and electroacoustic compositions, and is the playground of veteran music journalist Stephan Kunze.

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