March 20, 2023

Zen Sounds

  • Stephan Kunze


Lia Kohl – in a specific room
Hollie Kenniff – Carve The Ruins
Martyna Basta – Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering
Adela Mede – Spolu
Civilistjävel! – Louhivesi (feat. Cucina Povera)
èvia – fading reflection
Carlos Cipa – Ourselves, as we are
Jonathan Bockelmann – Fuji at Night
Julian Klaas – April 5th
Hanakiv – Home II
Mammal Hands – Nightingale
Hania Rani – Dreamy
Clarice Jensen – Love
Olivia Block – Foramen Magnum (excerpt)

Zen Sounds

Zen Sounds lends a home to the niche, the fringe and the obscure. The show features mostly ambient and experimental music, focusing on electronic and electroacoustic compositions, and is the playground of veteran music journalist Stephan Kunze.

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