November 21, 2022

Zen Sounds

  • Stephan Kunze


Anja Lauvdal – A Swim
Carmen Villain – Future Memory
Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka – Sudany
Loraine James – The Perception Of Me (Crazy Nigger)
Priori – Winged
Actress – Futur Spher Techno Version
Nosaj Thing feat. Julianna Barwick – Blue Hour
Tirzah feat. Coby Sey – Hive Mind
HTRK – New Year’s Day
Warpaint – Melting
Raum – Walk Together
Astrid Øster Mortensen – Ø
Lucrecia Dalt – No Tiempo
Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows From A Distance
Coby Sey – Eve (Anwummere)

Zen Sounds

Zen Sounds lends a home to the niche, the fringe and the obscure. The show features mostly ambient and experimental music, focusing on electronic and electroacoustic compositions, and is the playground of veteran music journalist Stephan Kunze.

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