Dublab x Stadtbibliothek: Sharing is caring

Sharing Is Caring

2024 Cologne

dublab live from Cologne’s central library all day on June 29th, 2024!

The central library at Josef-Haubrich-Hof in Cologne has been closed since June 30th for a prolonged period of time to proceed with general building refurbishments. On the very last opening weekend, dublab broadcasted a full day of radioshows and DJ-sets live from the music library on the 4th floor.

Our crew featured a cast of dublab friends and residents alike, sharing music and talking about sharing concepts, the importance of public, low-threshhold offerings and touch upon the history of the library as well. Lots of fun to broadcast from this special place, thanks for having us!

Dublab x Stadtbibliothek: Sharing is caring

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