Avatar.fm @ CPDP.ai

  • A.Certo
  • Ben Bertrand
  • Dana Kuehr
  • Gropina
  • Islas
  • Joscha Creutzfeldt
  • Phillip Jondo
  • Ugné&Maria
  • Ugné Uma
  • Weird Dust
  • WUTU

22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024

Gare Maritime · Brussels


Avatar.fm is a temporary radio project broadcasting live from the CPDP.ai conference, one of the leading data protection and privacy conferences in Europe and around the world. Avatar.fm will amplify stories and testimonials of students, junior researchers and other activists, interwoven with DJ-sets and concerts by numerous dublab favourites, live from iconic Brussels venue Gare Maritime in cooperation with non-profit organization Privacy Salon.

Download the full program PDF here or check our radio schedule for the daily program. We’re looking forward to contributions from the following people and organisations:

A.Certo (DJ)
Dana Kuehr (DJ)
Gropina (DJ)
Islas (DJ)
Joscha Creutzfeldt (DJ)
Phillip Jondo (DJ)
Ugne&Maria (DJ)
Weird Dust (DJ)

Ben Bertrand (Live)
Ugné Uma (Live)

AI Forensics (Talk)
Chaos Computer Club (Talk)
CODE (Talk)
IViR & Digicon (Talk)
NOYB (Talk)
Panoptykum (Talk)
Privacy Salon (Talk)
The Security Distillery (Talk)

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