dublab Future Roots Radio – Book Release

  • Typhoon Lady
  • not:hulme
  • Peter Graf York
  • Fog Puma
  • Joscha Creutzfeldt

16:00 until 21:00

Zabriskie Buchladen · Berlin

Following the “Future Roots Radio” book launch in Cologne we are happy to host another book related event, this time at Zabriskie bookshop in Berlin – one of our favorite stops when in town. From 4pm various DJs from the Dublab community will be playing music in the shop, and there will be a conversation about the book with dublab’s own Alejandro Cohen, Eli Welbourne and Joscha Creutzfeldt between 7-8pm. The whole event will be broadcasted live via dublab.de.

Free entry, all ages. We look forward to welcome you!

Zabriskie – bookstore for culture and nature
Zabriskie is a bookshop with a focus on cultural and natural phenomena, that move below the mainstream radar; extraordinary things from the fields of music, film, photography and visual arts; counter culture; higher states of consciousness; avant-garde; drop-outs and outsiders; magic; the more bizarre, exotic and interesting side of cultural and natural history; utopian societies and alternative experiences in nature, DIY, and many more.


dublab: Future Roots Radio

Softcover, approx. 260 pages
8.8 × 11.8 in.

dublab: Future Roots Radio springs to life with scenes from sad music parties, all-night ambient happenings, and multi-sensory underground events. Stories of sleepwalking DJs, thrift store album alchemy, and sizzling circuit boards fill these pages.

Founded in 1999, dublab has been streaming far-out music since the dial-up age. We travel back to the dawn of Internet radio—a pre-podcast/smartphone/social-media era with infinite potential and flash forward for premonitions of other worlds, other sounds. The book-length 20-year retrospective details dublab’s adventurous radio experiments and examines its grassroots approach to building an international arts radio network.

Edited by Alejandro Cohen, J.C. Gabel, Jeremiah Chiu, and Mark “Frosty” McNeill

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.