dublab Weekend Special FFM

  • FM Aether
  • Luzi Gehrisch
  • Lydia Schmidt
  • Pedo Knopp
  • RE:BOOT Soundsystem
  • Joscha Creutzfeldt
  • Moritz M.

Back to FFM, if only for a day… On August 18th we’re teaming up with Urban Art archive “Transurban” and renowned gallery and art association “Familie Montez” for an extended daytime session full of music, art, coffee & cake. Great stuff. The area in front of Lola Montez’ beautiful location at Honsellbrücke will be our home and we invited a few friends and favorites from Frankfurt and around to join the fun and to play music for our listeners and visitors.

On board: FM Aether (MMODEMM), Luzi Gehrisch, Lydia Schmidt (unbreakmyheart), Pedo Knopp (Trust Your Audience / LAZY. Frankfurt) and the RE:BOOT Soundsystem, joined by dublab’s own Joscha Creutzfeldt & Moritz M from Cologne.

Music will be on from 2-10pm (CET), all streamed live via dublab.de with a detailed timetable to follow. Free entry, all ages, all good.

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