Bex Burch

In Concert – Bex Burch

  • Bex Burch

8:00 pm

King Georg · Cologne

Bex Burch

Bex Burch is a composer, percussionist, producer and instrument maker, who is about to release her album "There is only love and fear" on Chicago-based label and firm favourite "International Anthem Recordings" on October 20, 2023.

Employing percussion and hand made xylophones, she has carved out a unique sonic space for herself. Her restless creativity and desire to embrace new musical challenges across a range of percussive instruments have led to collaborations with a diverse range of artists such as Peter Zummo, Kuljit Bhamra, Tamar Osborn, Leafcutter John, Mariá Portugal, Tony Buck and Evelyn Glennie. Her recorded music with Boing!, Flock and her celebrated band Vula Viel has seen her straddle the divergent worlds of minimalism, post punk, and improvisation with equal success.

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