June 4, 2020

A Way Forward

Up until last week the idea was to happily start our 5 year anniversary celebrations this week, with friends and family far and near joining us for a special anniversary program lasting the entire month of June. In addition to this we also planned to launch our new website, which has been in the making for a while now. Both are milestones for us, yet they feel slightly out of place given the recent developments in Los Angeles and all across the United States. Our aim is to find a way forward that feels right and gives room to both sentiments:  anger and despair regarding the current events, and the appreciation and celebration of our 5 year history.

With close ties to the dublab community in LA and beyond we have a connection to those more directly affected by police brutality, systemic injustice, racism and oppression, and we stand united with all protestors demanding a more just and equal society. We’re determined to use our platform to the best of our ability to amplify those voices in the future.

Starting today we will dedicate parts of our schedule to air selected educational audio recordings that deal with racial issues and other things that need to be adressed for the sake of a more just, equal and free society. As a start we’re broadcasting “What Is Racial Capitalism and Why Does It Matter? A lecture w/ Robin D. G. Kelley (Washington, 2017)”  from 9-10pm tonight. We will not restrict this series to a certain country or theme, but simply adress issues we think need to be heard, thought and talked about in order to overcome large scale fear, prejudices and division. This is where we’re at right now,  so let’s take it from here.

Our new website will go live next week, and our 5 year anniversary program starts  on Saturday with dear friend Jan Schulte doing another Marathon Session live from our studio in K-Nippes. More to follow in the coming days and weeks.

Get involved.
Joscha Creutzfeldt, Director dublab DE

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