Aloa Input – Far Away Sun

March 8, 2015

Aloa Input are no longer circling the globe but escaping the earth’s atmosphere altogether. The three-piece band sets off into outer-space, aiming for the fourth planet from the sun.

“MARS ETC.” is Aloa Input’s second album, coming out only a year after their first. Hyper and beat-driven, this album’s a rocket launch countdown. Some tracks cheery, others somber and moody, they are all on the verge of exploding out of their digital confines.

Considering how sonically lush this record is, it’s easy to forget only three people made these sounds. Florian Kreier sings and plays the bass, Cico Beck handles the electronics and drums, and Marcus Grassl strums the guitar while contributing vocals as well. Be sure to grab your copy when MARS ETC. is released worldwide on March 6, 2015.