Colorist – Faust

The new video by Cologne based band COLORIST is a mesmerizing trip for your daily technophilia. The multi-producers and pioneers of improvised deep techno team up with Berlin based filmmaker Ufuk Cam to jump into a mingle of blurry nature, sharp but lasting beats and a peculiar creature fellow.

Germany’s soup of sound-artists is full of little diamonds, and sometimes those diamonds appear in the form of a creature meandering through a void and timeless forest. Add to the scenery: a dark and stoic drum-machine, synthies from out of space and a modified ukulele. Stir the ingredients until you receive a blurred image of alienating colors magically appearing from somewhere in the universe. Get high on it until it becomes part of your inner self. Breathe in – breathe out. Replay!

FAUST will be released on cologne based label Low Hanging Fruit in fall 2015 and will be accompanied by several remixes by Popnoname and others.