dublab at Meakusma Festival 2016

In September 2016 the Meakusma festival is taking place in Eupen, Belgium for the first time, and dublab is happy to be part of this extraordinary operation. We will be hosting an intimate “Sleepless” floor at the festival site and transmit DJ-sets, radioshows and interviews from there to dedicated listeners across the globe, live via dublab.de.

Meakusma Festival
Fri 23.09. – Sun 25.09.2016
Alter Schlachthof (Eupen / Belgium)

Spanning over three days, the belgian label and non profit organization Meakusma has set up a diverse program fusing installations, film screenings, workshops, concerts and club nights with a vast array of artists from all over the world, including many favourites and friends of dublab. Set up in cooperation with the Goethe Institut, Waxtreatment, Reihe M, the Ostbelgien Festival and dublab, the Meakusma festival is almost exclusively rooted in the field of unclassifiable, contemporary experimental electronic and club music. One of the credos is “Unheard melodies are sweeter still” – a statement that highly resonates with dublab and our vision of future roots music, and we’re honoured and happy to be part of this collaboration.

Amongst many others, the following artists will be playing: Roger Robinson & Disrupt, Jahtari, Babyfather, Mark Ernestus & Mark Ainley, Thomas Brinkmann, Ben UFO,  Dj Nigga Fox, Rroxymore, Mike Cooper, Toresch, Nadar Ensemble, Leo Kupper, Georgia, elektro guzzi, Karen Gwyer, MM/KM (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup), Lord Tang, Marcus Schmickler, Frank Dommert, Volker Zander, Yann Leguay, ssaliva, Demand/Schöppner, Dekeizer b2b Captain Starlight and Nosedrip.

For the dublab “sleepless” floor we closely worked together with Meakusma and invited the following people to ensure almost 48 hours of mindbending music to be broadcasted live via dublab.de: Robert Bergman, Hiele, Chilling The Do, Mattis, ML, Aut/Oltrarno, Tolouse Low Trax, Roger 23, Izabel Caligiore, Sensu, Georgia and Phillip Jondo, joined by dublab regulars a-Musik, Rearview Radio, Joscha Creutzfeldt, TBRCK and Clifford. A few outstanding specials and a detailed timetable for the dublab floor will be announced soon.

Entrance prices for the festival have been kept deliberately fair, and Meakusma has put in much love to ensure an outstanding yet affordable experience for everyone attending. Amongst other things special low rate sleeping opportunities in collaboration with the Eupen hostel have been arranged, a special day care service for children can be booked, and volunteer work at the festival site in exchange for free tickets is possible.

Much more information about all this, including links to purchase festival tickets or the full three-day lineup can be found on the Meakusma Festival website. We’re really looking forward to this and hope to see you at the festival.