July 25, 2017

dublab at Meakusma Festival 2017

Just as last year we’ll be hosting a dublab Sleepless Floor at the upcoming edition of Meakusma Festival from September 8-10. We’re looking forward to broadcast more than 40 hours of music and speech presented by the following artists with more to come:

Nosedrip, L’estasi Dell’Oro, Palto Flats DJ, Even Tuell, Bepotel, Rearview Radio, Kobe van Cauwenberghe, Radna, Strange Boutique, DJ/Rupture, Matt Werth, Olaf Karnik, Philipp Matalla & Optik, Captain Starlight, Joscha Creutzfeldt, Vladimir Ivkovich & ML, Walter Wolff, Diet CV, Phil Struck, CK & Christian Guntermann, Together Dance Music, Dennis Tyfus, Nico Bogaerts, Laura Not, Kaneski, Oswin

Early Bird Tickets have sold out already, regular tickets are still available via the Meakusma Website. Join us – Unheard melodies are sweeter still!

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.