dublab at Panama Plus

June 27, 2017

Next weekend we’ll be joining the wildly engaging Panama Plus Festival in Munich for the first time, excellent! This year’s edition, aptly entitled “Alle Haben Die Absicht Eine Brücke Zu Errichten”, is taking place from June 27th until July 1st and is hosting a wide array of interesting workshops, talks, cinema, concerts and DJ-Sets, all taking place around the Kreativquartier at Dachauer Strasse in Munich. 

We’re happy to be on board and will be transmitting music selected by our trusted friends from Analog Africa, Kalakuta Soul, Radio Love Love and Bumm Clack, amongst others, live from the festival on both Friday and Saturday evening from 6-10pm (CET).

For in depth information about the many bands, artists and people involved at Panama Plus, a detailed timetable for all days or tickets head over to the excellent Panama Plus website below.

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