August 11, 2015

dublab at CityLeaks Festival 2015

In 2015 the CityLeaks Festival takes place in Cologne for the third time, and we’re happy to announce that dublab is curating the musical program taking place at the festival center in Cologne-Mühlheim from September 5th – September 20th.

We’ll be hosting a listening area at the festival center on three consecutive sundays as well as the Vernissage and Finnissage days, beaming a musically diverse program from Köln Mühlheim to dedicated listeners. Highlights include radioshows & DJ-Sets by friends and favorites alike such as James Pants, FloFilz, Jan Schulte, A-Musik, Salon des Amateurs and many others. Detailed information about who is playing when can be found in our broadcast schedule.

The CityLeaks Urban Art Festival seeks to critically confront and intervene in public space. Inspired by the philosophy of breaking silence, the festival attempts to demonstrate that art will not endure censorship, but can respond loudly and critically to its environment. CityLeaks hereby evokes notions of anonymity, community and truth that the WikiLeaks project celebrates as its core values. Therefore, also the city itself is understood as a platform for citizens to express themselves and leak potentially subversive messages.

The festival conceives of artistic interventions into public space as acts of reclaiming the same. Thus, it aims at a creative appropriation of public space, at recontextualizing its architecture and social fabric as well as at creating new spaces for communal convention and discourse. In September 2015 the biennial festival will be held in Cologne, Germany. With the support of an international line-up of urban artists and thousands of visitors the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival will challenge the assumption that the city is composed of spaces authored by companies, institutions and developers.

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.