Krautrock Classics: A Tribute To German Cosmic Music (CD)

May 29, 2014

An exploration of the psychedelic, progressive and cosmic music from Germany in the 1960′s & 1970′s.

In June of 2012 dublab and The Goethe-Institut Los Angeles presented the Krautrock Classics concert at the Ford Amphitheater featuring some of LA’s most creative musicians interpreting the music of influential Krautrock groups. This CD is a document of that experience.

Artist (Group Covered) / Song

  1. Nanny Cantaloupe / Intro
  2. Daedelus (Rüdiger Lorenz) / Independence
  3. Pharaohs & Friends (Manuel Göttsching) / E2-E4
    featuring Suzanne Kraft, Stellar Rahim, Ulrich Krieger, David Scott Stone, Cloudland Canyon, and Andres Renteria
  4. White Magic with Ariel Pink (Inner Space) / Hiding My Nightingale
  5. Sun Araw Band VIII (Krokodil) / The Creator Has a Master Plan
    featuring Alex Gray, Chip Knechtel and Diva Dompe
  6. ESP (CAN) / Vitamin C
  7. Dntel (Faust) / Jennifer
  8. Carlos Niño  & Friends (Popol Vuh) / Steh Auf, Zieh Mich der Nach
    featuring: Dexter Story, Gaby Hernandez, GB aka Gifted & Blessed, and Joey Dosik
  9. Nite Jewel & Friends (Kraftwerk) / It’s More Fun to Compute
    featuring Peanut Butter Wolf, Secret Circuit, Nedelle Torrisi from Cryptacize, and Cole M. G. N.
  10. Nanny Cantaloupe / Outro