dublab Sleepless Floor at Meakusma Festival 2018

For the third year in a row we’ll be hosting a dublab Sleepless Floor at the critically acclaimed Meakusma Festival, taking place in Eupen / Belgium on the first weekend of September. The last two editions were nothing but outstanding and we’re looking very much forward to setting up our little oasis at the Heuboden of Alter Schlachthof again.

Just as in previous years we will be transmitting all music, sound and talks happening on the “dublab Sleepless Floor” live via dublab.de for 48hrs+ straight. Why settle for less if you can have it all… New: Our colleagues from dublab.es and dublab.com will be joining the fun to broadcast parts of the program live via their respective channels as well.

Have a look below for the (almost) final line-up of our floor in alphabetical order, and check the Meakusma website for remaining day- and weekend tickets.  This will be a good one – see you in Eupen!

Meakusma Festival 2018 – dublab Sleepless Floor

Al Chem (Live)
Ameel Brecht (Live)
Basic Moves
Bear Bones, Lay Low (Live)
Coby Sey
Core Shift (Live)
CV & JAB (Live)
Daniel Bust & Winnie
Dima Oboukhov
DJ Zipo
DNTEL (Live)
Eve Essex (Live)
James Place (Live) CANCELLED.
Jason Kolàr (Live)
Joscha Creutzfeldt
Koki Emura
Lauren Hansom
Lindsay Todd
Mans-O (Live)
Marc Hollander
Max Graef (Replacement for James Place)
ML & Kemal
Montel Palmer (Live)
Mosam Howieson (Live)
Nicholas Lewis
Nico Bogaerts
Nikolaienko (Live)
No Obi No Insert
No Visa (Live)
Phillip Jondo
Rearview Radio
Sky H1 (Live)
Tommy Denis

Meakusma Festival 2018 – dublab Sleepless Floor Timetable