dublab at Very Good Plus Vinyl & Labelmarkt

Ahoi. Find us on a boat in Frankfurt next Saturday, when the first edition of the “Very Good Plus Vinyl & Labelmarkt” is happening at Yachtklub in FFM. Think Live- and DJ-sets, lots of records to dig in, drinks & tapas, coffee & cake, and overall good vibes at one of the nicest spots in town. Happy to be on board!

Drop by if you can, we’ll be broadcasting all music played there live for 6 hours straight starting at 2pm CET, check the full timetable below and make sure to tune in!


2pm: herb.sun & Karlsson live set (Da Humpf Posse)
3pm: Lydia Schmidt (unbreakmyheart)
4pm: Koolkat (Born To Shine)
5pm: Wun Two live set (COTA)
6pm: Pedo Knopp (Trust Your Audience)
7pm: Koloman Trax (Soundmirror, Tactile)

From 10pm on we will be dancing on inside with music by Guy Dermossesian (Kalakuta Soul), Joscha Creutzfeldt (dublab), Lydia Schmidt (unbreakmyheart) and Pedo Knopp (Trust Your Audience).


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