October 18, 2012

Faust in Conversation with Nanny Cantaloupe

In October 2012 the legendary Faust made a very rare visit to Los Angeles. On top of performing 2 concerts at the Redcat Theater they conducted a private workshop at the California Institute of the Arts. The workshop was a playful delight and i was honored to have a sit-down with the band afterwards.

We sipped wine and leisurely chatted about food, life, art and music. At about the 30 minute mark we were requested to exit the music hall so they could lock it up. Jean-Herve suggested we wander the sprawling campus, wine in hand, and continue our conversation in multiple environments. Unfortunately we didn’t find each other again that evening.

We picked up again the following day, though it was even more informal and didn’t get recorded. So here we have the abruptly-ending Part 1.

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