Foggy Notion – Concert Series

August 19, 2019

We’re excited to announce that dublab is teaming up with Song Cycle show host Jan Lankisch for a series of concerts at Stadtgarten in Cologne this fall. Jan is one of the persons behind the Week-End Festival and has been active in Cologne’s live scene for more than a decade. Over the course of the last years he brought over some of the more interesting acts we had the pleasure to see live, including dublab favorites such as Hailu Mergia, Marie Davidson or Ata Kak just to name a few, and a collaboration was long overdue.

For Foggy Notion we’re taking care of the concert room at Stadtgarten and will make sure everyone feels right at home; we also invited a few friends to play music before, in between and after the concerts. Here’s a first list of dates and acts we’re extremely looking forward to – hope to see you around!

October 8th 2019 | FB Event

Harald Großkopf (DE)
Infuso Giallo (DE)

DJ support: Ben Mann

November 4th 2019 | FB Event

Angel Bat Dawid (US)
Anna Linardou (GR)

DJ support: C:Mone

November 12th 2019 | FB Event

Vivien Goldman (UK)

DJ support: Joscha Creutzfeldt & Moritz M.

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