May 11, 2015

Introducing… Ipek Gorgun

Ipek Gorgun walks a refreshing path within the world of electronic experiments and contemporary music. Being a Ph.D. candidate of Sonic Arts at ITU-MIAM (Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music) inspired her to a research based method of compounding new sound scales. As a bass-player, vocalist, writer and photographer, Gorgun is keeping herself quite busy within the underground-scene of Istanbul. Her electro acoustic solo works are a mix of uncerebral experimental fragments and massive, deep soundwalls. The combination of field recordings, noise and modern improv led to her participation in last year’s Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo, and more currently to several international gigs and an artist residency funded by ON – Neue Musik Köln over at Cologne’s OPEKTA Ateliers – a highly anticipated artist collective when it comes to audio-visual art.

Her new and previously unheard piece “Pyrosis” (which you can listen to below) was originally composed for 20 channels, the acousmonium at ITU-MIAM and will be premiered there on May 21st. Make sure to put on your headphones before pressing play, this is strictly “no laptop speaker” business!

I tried to combine ambient with microsound composition and also wanted to establish a relationship between tiny sound particles and their existence on a macro scale through the exploration of space, time and timbre.The title is Pyrosis, as it refers to the feeling of heartburn, which is a common symptom of acid reflux disease. So, basically my stomach disease gave me a song title…Ipek Gorgun

If you want to find out more about Ipek Gorgun check the links below and make sure to check out our interview & listening session in which we talk about her work and listen to music that influenced her along the way.

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