Kraftwerk – Live in Soest (WDR Rockpalast 1970)

Much love to the open hearted archivists of the world for preserving and sharing. This gem, revived by Chunklet, is of the heaviest order. It features an early Kraftwerk (Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, along with drummer Klaus Dinger) performing live on the German TV show Rockpalast in 1970.

Thanks to the television cameras, the quality of this video is remarkable, but if the perplexed looks on the faces of those “turned on” teens in attendance is any indication of the public’s readiness for the electronic madness at hand, then the moms and pops watching at home must have imploded. Of course, to the ears of today’s freaked-out sound lovers, this is pure bliss. It is avant-garde madness that one moment locks into the heaviest of solid grooves then unravels into wild gurgles and fuzz. Otherwise known as prime viewing material!

Tracklist: Kraftwerk - Live in Soest (WDR Rockpalast 1970)

Mixed Media Show
Soest, Germany (Winter 1970)

  1. Intro
  2. Stratovarius
  3. Ruckzuck
  4. Heavy Metal Kids
  5. Improvisation 1