There is a new kid in town that we want you to play (with)

December 1, 2016

Exclusive video premiere of “Temple” by Pappen Im Nebel. An abstract journey through light and movement shot by Meryem Erkus. Out now on baumusik.

Cologne’s youngest label collective baumusik delivers a monumental, visual 36-minute EP by Krautcore-Psych Improvisateurs Pappen im Nebel. “Temple” is a recording of their last Porz Live Session and will blast both your ears and eyes, as it comes with an abstract video featuring the dance of light and a love for glitches and flickers!

This music will transport you right into psychedelic meditation. Their sound is timeless but modern and is most enjoyable when you take your time and let their deep guitar, the on-point synthesizer and the world most patient drummer, get right into your head. Relax, get a little closer to the screen, turn up your speakers and drift away. The video contains nothing but movements of light, captured on several cellphone cameras. Add zooms, slowmo and say hi to your everchanging optics. Like an instant meditation, the quasi lava-lamp to the music, and a little bit how to: find your chi during lunch-break.

We are happy to feature this outstanding premiere, and know from secure sources that more visual EPs will follow. In the meantime check the band and video live on December 1st at the Sounds Wrong Feels Right night at Stadtgarten (Cologne) alongside noise queen Julia Bünnagel, and visit for more beautiful and fun goods.

Music by Matthias Lohmann, Christoph Görke, Sebastian Bathe
Video shot & edited by Meryem Erkus