Save Our Studio – We Did It

April 21, 2020

We – as in “you and us” – did it. The Save Our Studio weeks are over, and the level of support we experienced has been overwhelming. Your positive feedback secured our office and studio rent for months to come, has given us a feeling of safety and provided confidence for future projects ahead. Thank you on so many levels!

As mentioned before: we had no idea what to expect when we asked for support from the community, and started with our extended daily live program two weeks ago. 14 days and more than 120 hours of original programming later it’s safe to say that our listeners appreciate what we do, and want to see us continue.

Donations accumulated to 6,265€ as of April 21st, with recurring donations totaling around 200EUR every month. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the support!

We’re over the moon with the positive response and thankful for every new & returning listener and supporter. It means the world to us.

dublab DE – Save Our Studio – We Did It

What now? What’s next?
We’re a bit exhausted and will take it a bit slower for the next two weeks, and prepare for more. We’ll do a spring cleaning of our office and studio space, have our turntables serviced and repaired, and work on a few improvements online. We’ll continue with our regular programming during these two weeks and gradually take things up a notch upon return in May.

We said it before, we say it again: Thank you all. We could not have done this without you, and we’re looking forward to everything ahead. Let’s rollo.