Sonae (Monika Enterprise) – Tone Mix for dublab

March 18, 2017

Sonae is a DJ and producer based in Cologne. She released her debut-album in 2015 on Gudrun Gut’s label Monika Enterprise and is frequently playing live, scoring theater soundtracks and organizes concert evenings in her hometown as member of the female:pressure network.

  1. John Cage – Wbai
  2. Klara Lewis – Beaming
  3. Pantha du Prince – Wallflowers For Pale Saints
  4. Barbara Morgenstern with Lucrecia Dalt – Gleich ist gleicher als gleich
  5. Gold Panda – Metal Bird
  6. Camp Inc. – Canim Benim
  7. Burial – Young Death
  8. John Cage – 0″00″
  9. Nathan Fake – Now We Know
  10. Bruce – Summer`s Gotta End Some Time
  11. Barbara Morgenstern with Jacaszek – Den kommenden Morgen

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