dublab Session w/ Henry Gilles

Henry Gilles from the Public Possession crew with 90 minutes of unclassifiable, leftfield dance music touching upon Boogie, House and Breakbeats, always with a certain twist.

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dublab at Monticule Festival 2017

Monticule is one of the few festivals doing things differently, putting great emphasis on a collective experience fuelled through the love for music and the arts. Those are key values of what makes dublab what it is, and naturally we are more than happy to collaborate with them for the first time this year.

New show: Teenage Dreams

Coming out of age with Diet CV. “Teenage Dreams” gives you an infantile perspective on the diversity of DIY sounds from fuzzy scum to creamy haze.

Online Radio Festival 2017

The Online Radio Festival returns to Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam for the third time on Friday, May 19th for a day full of live broadcasts, talks about the future of web radio and progressive live performances and DJ`s.

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