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A Conversation about the Christian Morgenstern Collector’s Box w/ Thomas Scheibnitz, Maral Salmassi & Max Dax

Mar 18, 2017

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On March 18th 2017 German label Konsequent Records released a highly limited set of 8 boxes with music by and remixes for Christian Morgenstern, designed by Nathan Baker and Berlin based artist Thomas Scheibnitz. The release and opening took place at Gallery Sprüth Magers Berlin / Image Movement and involved a talk between Konsequent founder Maral Salmassi and Thomas Scheibnitz, moderated by Max Dax.

The recording of this talk was broadcasted via dublab.de for everyone who couldn’t be there, accompanied by selected music by Christian Morgenstern and various other related artists.


  1. Nate Young – Sleep Anxiety
  2. Pan Sonic – Hapatus
  3. Kenny Larkin – Bass Mode
  4. Psyk – Hunter
  5. Underground Resistance – Elimination
  6. Planetary Assault Systems – Sonar Falls
  7. Christian Morgenstern – Spiegelkerker (Staffan Linzatti Remix)
  8. Versions 001 – A2
  9. Monolake – Atlas
  10. Rod Pete – Five
  11. Inigo Kennedy – (Bend Your Ears) Untitled 2
  12. Richard Devine – Varseop (Drumcell Remix)
  13. Kessell – Intensity Of Perception
  14. Vision & Source – Black Horn (Adv709 Remix)
  15. Planetary Assault Systems – Bawoo Bawoo
  16. Pan Sonic – Puhdistus
  17. R. Rose – 23 Lashes
  18. HD Substance – Realidad Etérea
  19. Silent Servant – The Strange Attractor
  20. Samuli Kemppi – Trans Neptunian
  21. Aleksi Perala – UK74R1517030’’’

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