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Ana Ott Radio w/ Felix Möser & Peter Strickmann

Apr 19, 2018

Experimental Experimental Field Recordings Field Recordings Talk Talk

Music selected by Felix Möser & Peter Strickmann.

This edition of Ana Ott Radio contains a detailed look at Peter Strickmann’s upcoming record, as well as a three-quarters of an hour radio play, which Strickmann produced specifically for this show. Plus, new records and re-issues that we love these days.


Paisiel – Cause yourself to rise, Gong
Zohastre – Birds Oracle
Baldruin – Nachricht von Morgen
Yagow – non-contractual
Datashock – Hullu Gullu, wir liefern Shizz.
Datashock – Eine Brise Exotik
Iannis Xenakis – Persepolis
Che Chen & Robbie Lee – This Was The Only Spot That Was Green
Peter Strickmann – Mellow Toes (Side A)
Peter Strickmann – Hörstück aus Turku

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