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Ana Ott Radio w/ Felix Möser & Peter Strickmann

Apr 19, 2018

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This edition of Ana Ott Radio contains a detailed look at Peter Strickmann’s upcoming record, as well as a three-quarters of an hour radio play, which Strickmann produced specifically for this show. Plus, new records and re-issues that we love these days.


Paisiel – Cause yourself to rise, Gong
Zohastre – Birds Oracle
Baldruin – Nachricht von Morgen
Yagow – non-contractual
Datashock – Hullu Gullu, wir liefern Shizz.
Datashock – Eine Brise Exotik
Iannis Xenakis – Persepolis
Che Chen & Robbie Lee – This Was The Only Spot That Was Green
Peter Strickmann – Mellow Toes (Side A)
Peter Strickmann – Hörstück aus Turku

Ana Ott Radio

Monthly show by the lovely folks behind vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott. 120 minutes with Felix Möser and guests, evolving around DIY concert culture, its Mülheim homebase Makroscope and the label itself.

Monthly, 4th Tuesday, 8-10pm (CET)

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