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Calling In A Favour – Fiendin’ w/ Julian Brimmers, Owns & Hade

Aug 29, 2019

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The most ambitious crossover event in history: Calling in a Favour v Finds with Fiends.

In this episode full of (friendly) insults, make-ups and big tunes, Julian, Hade and Owns discuss how their obsession with records differs from the notorious dentists spending top dollar on Elvis singles (spoiler: not much, really), opposing musical tastes, melodics vs rattling tin cans, and much more.

PLUS: a world-premiere by CIAF & FwF all-star Bergsonist (taken from her upcoming album on Optimo Music) and spiritual guidance by Purple Tape Pedigree honcho Geng. Get involved!


1. Jimmy Castor Bunch – “My Brightest Day” – RCA Victor
2.  Bergsonist – Poverty (CIAF EXCLUSIVE) – Forthcoming on Optimo
3. Elodie Lauten – Sunrise – Cat
4. Findelkind – Kaspar – Self-Released
5. Via Nort – Greenwish – Aquila
6. Boom Boom Dance Riddim – African Star Music
7 Sikka Rymes – Seh Dem Bad – Duppy Gun/Bokeh
8. Yatta – I Will Definitely Feel Good – Purple Tape Pedigree (GENG Pick)

Calling In A Favour

“Calling In A Favour” is a platform for friendship, music and art, anti-algorithmic behaviour, and community building > scenester bs. (Also, for people who generally despise platforms but appreciate the Oxford comma.)

Once a month, Cologne-based writer and cultural critic Julian Brimmers welcomes bright minds and kind souls doing their bit to make the world of arts & culture more complex, confusing and overall exciting. There will be bangers, too.

Monthly, 4th Thursday, 6-7pm (CET)

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