Calling In A Favour w/ GENG & Julian Brimmers (January 2022)

Calling In A Favour

  • Julian Brimmers

January 17, 2022 Somewhere in New York


GENG PTP AKA King Vision Ultra (AKA many more names) is a DJ/producer and designer from New York City, and the main man behind the PTP label (Purple Tape Pedigree).
Born and raised in pre-internet Manhattan, he has witnessed many waves of NY underground music from a front row seat. He started Purple Tape Pedigree as an eclectic music blog and gradually turned it into a label and artist collective that highlights an array of styles from underground rap to cosmic beats, harsh noise and even punk and metal mutations.
Here, GENG PTP and Julian discuss learning from skate videos how to disregard genres, the specific aesthetic and communal vibe of PTP, Wu-Wear, calisthenics, and much more.
Plus: an all-killer selection of recent PTP releases to go along with the chat.


Lord Kayso – New Bildersee
Lord Kayso – Glitz
YATTA – Shine
Amani & King Vision Ultra – Scrapes feat. ELUCID
Centennial Gardens – Lost Souls
maassai – Nine Lives
Model Home & Saint Abdullah – Technical Standpoint
Devin Kkenny – NY Lottery / CBD Kratom

Calling In A Favour

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