May 17, 2021

Calling In A Favour – International Anthem Special

  • Scottie McNiece
  • Julian Brimmers


Welcome back to a new episode of Calling in a Favour on This time, Julian caught up with Scottie McNiece, musician and co-founder of International Anthem Records.
The label started out documenting the fledgling jazz and experimental music scene in Chicago, but – true to its name – has become somewhat of a global operation. And, in the process, seemingly everyone’s favourite imprint right now.
The Intl. Anthem roster includes names like Angel Bat Dawid, Makaya McCraven, Jaimie Branch, Irreversible Entanglements, Jeff Parker, Alabaster DePlume to name only a few. And despite this breadth of styles – from cosmic ambience to punky jazz and spiritual maximalism – there’s a true community vibe to every record they put out. Scottie and Julian discuss the early days of International Anthem, the special Chicago-London axis, and whether drummers are by default the better label heads. Hope you dig.


Jeff Parker & Ruby Parker – Build a Nest
Angel Bat Dawid – What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Live)
Makaya McCraven feat. Brandee Younger – Holy Lands
Jaimie Branch – Prayer for Amerikkka p.1
Alabaster DePlume – Visit Croatia
Emma Jean Thackray – Too Shy
Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble & Angel Bat Dawid – Now (Forever Momentary Space)

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