April 19, 2021

Calling In A Favour

  • Dialect
  • Julian Brimmers


Welcome back to yet another episode of Calling in a Favour on dublab.de. This month’s guest is Liverpool legend and experimental / ambient-ish composer Andrew PM Hunt AKA Dialect.

Andrew has been active in multiple bands, including sax duties for fellow scouser Forest Swords, and under his Dialect moniker he’s been releasing sophisticated & psychedelic instrumentals on labels like 1080p and, most recently, RVNG Intl. His RVNG-debut Under ~ Between is a beautiful full-length meditation on birds, chamber music and quirky electronics, and it already scored rave reviews by e.g. Pitchfork, Wire, and even Mojo.

Andrew is also a funny & charming man, so go ahead, hit that play button and learn all about vaporwave, the collaborative nature of shared housing situations, and the dubious relationship of Liv and Steven Tyler.


Dialect – Stacks
Todd Rundgren – Zen Archer (live)
Dialect – Waterfront Epiphany
Dialect – Avert Yr Path
Dialect – An Archipelago
Aldous RH – Birdlife

Calling In A Favour

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