20210203 Tripping

February 3, 2021


  • R & D

20210203 Tripping


R&D was formed in 2018 by Emilia Kurylowicz, an artist and filmmaker from Lodz, Poland and Maru Mushtrieva, a writer from Russia, Ufa. Together they are surfing the blurry border between pop and art performance, mixing field recordings, eclectic sounds, and explicit lyrics that should be taken with a grain of salt.

The need to express their ongoing research in a performative way brought them to the idea of this conceptual band. They research stereotypes and patterns that are found in their immediate environment, both real and virtual, which are to be reflected in different upcoming albums, each dedicated to the struggle with one of them.

Their upcoming album Semi-Famous follows up the adventures in post-love city, where the desire to be closer is interrupted by imaginary and real obstacles – the story of emotional rollercoaster of the mysterious socialite and her entourage. Using this character as a point of reference they explore in a playful manner issues such as feminism, male gaze, gender roles, mental health issues and paradoxes of modern lifestyles.


Julianna Barwick – Flowers
Jem Bendell – Deep Adaptation
Deep Forest – Cafe Europa
Ice MC – Think About The Way
Beatman & Ludmilla – Walking In The Forest
R&D reading Feeld profiles
Real McCoy – Automatic Lover
Siksa – Upiór
Sega Bodega – Cowgirl
Osheyack – Fraud (Tzusing Remix)
Ziur – U Feel Anything
Dorian Electra – M’Lady
Iglooghost – New Vectors
Kedr Livanskiy – Sky Kisses
Dj Aligator Vs. Space Frog – Follow Me
Europa – Baby Bliss
Virgen Maria – MIAU
Sentimental Rave – White Coma
Aqua – Roses Are Red
Kraftwerk – Das Model (Brutalismus 3000 Hardtrance Cover)
James Ferraro – Cyber Seed
R&D reading Feeld profiles
Kukimaru – 5am To 8am
Lil Witch Global – Crying at the Gym
Dasychira – Garden Of Earthly Delights
Basic Element – Intro
Krasniye Zori Zemleroika
Sisqo – Thong Song
jingle: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”
Dis Fig – The Hermit
Golin – Momoko
Alison Knowles – The Bean Sequences


"Tripping" with Alien Aliosha is a monthly program hosted by Alisa Berger, a film maker and artist roaming this world in search of musical and non-musical adventures within the life of eclectic humanoids, weird and wild creatures.

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