Vinyl Delivery Service w/ DJ Himitsu (October 2022)

October 20, 2022

Vinyl Delivery Service

  • DJ Himitsu


Isao Suzuki Quartet – Mami’s Blues
Masaru Imada Quartet – Little Step
Masabumi Kikuchi – Pumu : #1
Unknown Artist – 五島を恋うる歌 – 褥崎・民謡
Ensemble Nipponia – 人形風土記より のろま人形
土取利行 – 石逕
あがた森魚 – 彩光∞無限
Himekami – 山神祭
Joe Hisaishi & Square Orchestra – Devil Fantasy
Masahiko Satoh – Pechika
Hidefumi Toki – Você É A Brisa
井上堯之バンド – 幸福のテーマ

Vinyl Delivery Service

Tokyo / London based vinyl record merchant Vinyl Delivery Service (VDS) joins the dublab family to offer a bi-monthly peak into their collection and new arrivals of Japanese records, Japanese press and vintage cassettes. No genre boundaries here, only one thing is certain: 100% Japanese material.

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