Vinyl Delivery Service

Vinyl Delivery Service

  • Rintaro Sekizuka
  • Scott Pelloux
  • Various Guests

Tokyo / London based vinyl record merchant Vinyl Delivery Service (VDS) joins the dublab family to offer a bi-monthly peak into their collection and new arrivals of Japanese records, Japanese press and vintage cassettes. No genre boundaries here, only one thing is certain: 100% Japanese material ranging from Ambient, Jazz and Leftfield music to more Obscure findings. On the lookout for Minyo, Walearic, Japanese City-Pop or Soundtracks? Take a peak!

For anyone interested in finding out more: Browse the VDS shop stock in Tokyo via the webshop and Discogs. London customers are welcome in the physical shop at Idle Moments & VDS, 86 Columbia Road, London E2 7QB.

Every 2 months
Third Thursday
5pm - 6pm (CET)