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2019 Cologne

In September 2019 the CityLeaks Festival took place in Cologne for the fifth time. As usual the place of action was the public urban space, with art being the medium of communication. dublab has been in charge of the musical program for every edition of the biennial festival since 2015, and we were happy to join forces again this year to beam a musically diverse program to dedicated listeners nearby and around the globe.

What happened? We moved all broadcast operations from our studio in Köln-Nippes to the CityLeaks festival center in Ehrenfeld, which has been located within the abandoned railway arcs at Hüttenstrasse this year. Besides our weekly standard broadcasts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays also took care of the musical program on the Opening weekend and Midissage. In contrary to our regular broadcasts from our studio in Köln Nippes all Bogenradio broadcasts were open to the public, and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting our listeners aside from the computer screen, neighbors saying hello and hanging with us in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

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