November 12, 2015

Denis Riabov (Sincere Music) – Tone Mix for dublab

A few weeks ago i was introduced to Denis, who is part of the Sincere Music Crew from Saint Petersburg. His crew, consisting of himself, Iliya Galich and Sergey Kamenskih, regularly invites local and international guests alike and hosts nights all around Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg, playing all that good stuff from Cosmic and Wave to Disco and the works.

Denis sent over this really beautiful Mix which you can listen to below, featuring tracks by Roedelius, BBB, Gigi Masin and other dublab favorites. The perfect soundtrack for reading a book in bed, laying on a field watching the clouds go by, or similar. You get the vibe.

Thanks Denis for this!

  1. Hans Joachim Roedelius – Le Jardin
  2. Barthel, Böhm, Bauer – Momo’s Traum
  3. Antonio Zepeda – Lago Entre Montaсas
  4. Ashworth & Kiwi – Na’am
  5. Ariel Kalma – Crazy Horse Remembers
  6. Gigi Masin – La Giara Di Gesturi
  7. Steve Roach – Airtribe Meets The Dream Ghost
  8. Muslimgauze – Mullah Said
  9. Codona – Hey Da Ba Doom
  10. SPK – White Island
  11. Serge Bulot – Dame blanche
  12. Jose Manuel – Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)
  13. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Forest Side
  14. Coyote Feat Saro Tribasone – San Raphael
  15. Vito Ricci – Hollywood
  16. Harold Budd with Zeitgeist – In Delius’ Sleep

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