Calling In A Favour w/ Julian Brimmers & Gemma Seltzer (November 2021)

Calling In A Favour

  • Julian Brimmers
  • Gemma Seltzer

November 15, 2021 Somewhere in London


Welcome back to yet another episode of Calling in a Favour on We’re doing things a little different this time as our guest is the first fiction writer on the programme: the brilliant author and founder/host of the creative writing programme Write & Shine, Gemma Seltzer. As a writer and performer, Gemma has collaborated with e.g. the Guardian and the Tate Modern, and most recently she has published Ways of Living, a short story collection in which she dissects the life & friendships of various women in London, via Influx Press. In this episode we, of course, discuss her book and the meditations on big city relationships it contains, but also finding quiet spaces in London, karaoke bars, and the role music plays in her writing. Plus: big tunes by Judee Sill, Joni Mitchell, Sneaker Pimps, Blur and many more.


Judee Sill – Crayon Angels
Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
Amy Winehouse – Best Friends (Hidden Treasures Version)
Joni Mitchell – Case of You
Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
Blur – Beetlebum
Pulp – Help The Aged

Calling In A Favour

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